About Us

Hi, i am  Vishal Aswal, i am a blogger and love the work i do. I love to do blogging and this is my first blog which i started when i was 16 years old,  at that time i didn't  know about the B of blogging and left this blog dead but after alot of time after my college, i started the work again in the year 2K18 that i love to do.

Today i am still learning and improving my first ever blog's user experience and making it to earn traffic that it deserves although there are many posts in this blog which are not legal according to the privacy but as long as they are beneficial to someone, i will keep them and i dont want to monetize this site for earning because its my first ever site.

I just want people(game lovers) to come here and take their game away.

I will always be there for you guys if you want help and if i can do something for you i will surely do, and if i in future took sometime to respond then please forgive me, but i want to make you sure that i will be there for you. This is all i can say about myself. Thank you For reading.